Laser Black J-Bend
Product # 070348
  • Lightweight, long-lasting spoke, made from stainless steel, butted at both ends
  • Highly flexible, offers the best shock absorption thanks to its thinner middle section
  • Among the strongest spokes in the market
  • Recommended for Race, Mountain bike
  • Sold in 100 pcs package
  • Requires special attention to prevent the spoke from winding up while tensioning. Use of pliers is recommended.
  • 14G (20mm) at both ends, 16G (1.5mm) in the middle section
  • Reference weight:279g (64pcs x 260mm)
  • Strength on middle section: 1500 N/mm2
  • -999: Unthreaded version, 310mm length, cut-to-length along a 45mm cuttable section